Hi, I am Angie.

Hi, I am Angie.

I am an accredited trainer with I.M.D.T. ( institute of modern dog trainers) as well as being affiliated with the dog training collage. Over the years I have attended conferences, seminars and workshops on dog training, in person and on line, by myself or with my dogs to get the best understanding I can to do and help with dog training. I am currently working on a 3 year behaviour course with the School of Canine Science

I was lucky and privileged to have this guy in my life for nearly 13 years in my opinion he was a handsome boy, more importantly he was my best friend. Buddy💙

In that time we both learned a lot about dog training.

 I continue to attend dog training courses to keep my personal development up to speed. I am also a trainer with one of Midlothian's oldest dog training clubs.

I currently have Jake as my companion he is 5 years old.